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The Humble Gamer Opinion

marshstomps submitted:

I’m no gaming journalist, I’m just you’re run of the mill gamer, which begs the question, why should you listen to me? Well, chances are, you are also an average gamer, just like myself. Also like myself, you probably don’t like bad games and you’d like to know about good ones, without paying the price. So, I’m here to offer my humble opinions to you and maybe help steer you towards a game that you’ll enjoy.

'Tis the season, and if you've been extra nice this year, you might luck out with the Wii U thats been at the top of your list. Once you get the shiny new system, it's just a matter of what to play. My first recommendation would have to be Nintendo Land

Deemed the “Wii Sports” for the new system, Nintendo Land can certainly compare. Like the Wii’s companion game, it does an good job of showing of what the system can do, however, they are more like brief glimpses into the systems capabilities rather than a fully fleshed out game. However, this does not change the simple fact that the game is indeed fun to play. Just like Sports this title is meant to draw you in by highlighting the star of the Wii U, the GamePad. All of the 12 games use the GamePad, each in a slightly different way. Some games will have you use the GamePad’s screen in order to get a perspective, some will use the gyroscopes in order to aim and steer, and some will use the controller to pit players against each other. The GamePad does all this, and does it well. 

Outside of the main games, there are a few side features to keep you busy. Completionists beware, there are plenty of collectables to be found. Won in a sort of “Coin Dozer” style game, the prizes are displayed in your own personal theme park. Just like any theme park, Nintendo Land is crowded with people, Miis in this case. Using the Miiverse, visitors walk around and display Nintendo Land related posts in speech bubbles. It’s pretty neat to see what other people are saying.

In my humble opinion, this game has quite a bit to offer to everyone, wether it be newcomers or veterans. It offers fun little glimpses into mechanics that might be core features in future, more complex games. So, if you want a taste of what the Wii U is all about, this is just the game to whet your pallet.


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